Churro (Cinnamon Sugar, Roasted Almond & White Chocolate) – 1/2 lb bag

Churro (Cinnamon Sugar, Roasted Almond & White Chocolate) – 1/2 lb bag


For years my family and I have heard about the magical churro toffee at Disneyland, and wondered, could I re-create it?  Never one to back away from a challenge, I set out to deconstruct this delicious, albeit messy treat.  Ultimately, you’ll be the judge of this project, but friends and family have said Disney’s is nothing compared to mine. Mission accomplished!

I start with decadent sweet cream butter, pure cane sugar, and roasted almonds. Covering this crispy base sits a creamy layer of Guittard white chocolate that pairs so nicely with the toffee. Last, but definitely not least is the cinnamon sugar mixture that coats the toffee, making it truly delicious. This is a churro toffee even Mickey himself is jealous of.

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  1. PatriciaJones

    Great combination of cinnamon sugar and white chocolate, plus toffee. Just delicious!

  2. Kelli P.

    This might be the absolute best thing you ever put in your mouth!! It is AMAZING and blows Disney’s churro toffee out of the park. Hands down, no comparison! I am so glad that Jenny added this to her toffee selections. I will forewarn you though, you will not be able to eat just one and it will become an addiction.

  3. Eli

    I have always loved anything cinnamon, so when I heard that she was experimenting with a churro toffee , I was so exited. Whenever I was by the booth, I heard several people ask, “Do you have churro toffee like at Disneyland?” To the people asking, it was a request, a simple remark, but Jenny took it as a challenge. So after some hundred batches, and a TON of cinnamon dust, we finally have it. A crunchy toffee base, a layer on top and bottom of white chocolate, and of course, a generous helping of delicious cinnamon sugar. I highly recommend that you try some.

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